Jane Innes

Jane Innes

In 1997 Jane began training with Gerda ‘Pytt’ Geddes, pioneer of Taijiquan in Britain. She studied with Gerda for nine years before setting up Tai Chi Aberdeenshire.

Inspired by Gerda’s teaching, and her book ‘Looking for the Golden Needle’, Jane continued to follow in her footsteps. She has been developing her own style of teaching regular classes and running sessions in local schools and day-care centres.

Jane’s aim has always been to make Taijiquan and Qigong accessable to all ages and abilities.

Gerda’s death in 2006 signified the closing of one door but also the opening of another. It was about this time that Jane started training and working with Tina Faulkner Elders, Principal Instructor and Director of Ruyi School of Taiji Quan and Qigong.

While Jane and Tina maintain their independent classes, they have successfully run numerous workshops together, adhering to the traditional teachings of the arts of Taijiquan and Qigong.

Since 2009 Jane has been making regular training trips to Wudang Mountain in China to continue her Taijiquan, Qigong and more recently Baguazhang training with Chen Lisheng, 15th Generation Disciple Wudang Xuanwu.

During the last few years Jane’s personal interest and training in the Chinese Internal Arts has developed to include meditation practice and Neigong. She frequently attends retreats and takes instruction from Laoshi Damo Mitchell, Lotus Neigong International. For over 10 years Jane has been running classes in Aberdeenshire providing authentic Taijiquan and Qigong instruction. She continues to teach on Deeside and work in association with Ruyi School offering a network to provide classes and events throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

Ursula Bass

Ursula first started studying Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in 2000 with Angela Crawford and later with Jane Innes, both of whom were students of Gerda Geddes.

Her personal training continues with Jane Innes (Tai Chi Aberdeenshire) and Tina Faulkner (Ruyi School). Through them she has trained with Chinese Master Chen Lisheng here in Scotland and at Wudang Daoist Wuji Gong Fu Academy in China during an extended visit in 2016.

As an instructor with Tai Chi Aberdeenshire Ursula runs her own class locally in Ballater teaching Wudang 5 Animals Qigong. She also assists Jane teaching both Taijiquan and Qigong classes in Aboyne and Banchory.

When not teaching Taiji or Qigong, Ursula runs with Deeside Runners and competes under the club name when hill racing. She enjoys getting a prize, like the medal in her photo, which was a ladies team prize from Scottish Athletics for competing in a Scottish Hill Runners championship.

You might find her practicing Taiji or Qigong alone, but she finds it more enjoyable participating in a small group, because a relaxing energy is created, more so than when practicing alone. This is when going to a class is beneficial.

Most of all she enjoys running with her dog in the woods. The Taiji helps with strength and endurance, and the Qigong helps maintain flexibility. Overall they all complement each other.